A range of SaaS products to support your business

Sure, our bread and butter is our high performance Linux stack, optimised for web applications. But, we don't just host websites. We have servers running a range of products that our team use, and your organisation might find useful.

  • Ticketing - Redmine, the powerful, open source online project management and helpdesk system is at the heart of Code Enigma's workflows
  • Automation - we provide Jenkins, the continuous integration server you can use to automate absolutely anything
  • Version control - we provide GitLab, the comprehensive web-based management tool for Git you can host yourself, with branch-locking abilities, peer review, CI and more
  • File sharing - use our Nextcloud server to roll your own Dropbox, but with better security and total control, totally managed by us
  • Search services - Apache Solr, the powerful open source, Java-based Apache Foundation search server, is available as a managed service from us
  • User management - we use OpenLDAP for directory and user management services, easily integrated, easily managed
  • Federated login - our stack implements SimpleSAMLphp to provide SAML 2.0 authentication services
  • Multifactor authentication - roll your own 2-factor authentication system with YubiKeys, SMS, phone apps and more, using LinOTP2 and Yubico's open source key management systems
  • VPN services - we can provide highly available VPN endpoints using the popular open source OpenVPN product
  • Chat services - like the idea of Slack but don't like the idea of someone else controlling your communication channels, never fear, you can have a Rocket.Chat server like ours

We can provide any of the above on our managed servers, and more besides. Pricing starts from £150 per month, plus set-up fees, and includes our usual high security configuration, total disaster recovery backing. 

Get in touch today and tell us more about what you need

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